How Escorts Help The Economy

How Escorts Help The Economy

The Economy and how the escort industry helps stimulate it

How do escorts help the economy you may ask?

Let’s face it, the escort industry is the oldest profession in the world, yet, we are still judged, shunned  and rejected in polite society. It wasn’t like this always of course.  Now, I am not going to give you a history lesson on prostitution, that is for another blog, but as a summary, there was a time in history, prostitution was not looked down upon as it is now by many in society. Working girls were respected in society.

My point in this blog is to point out how we inject and stimulate ( no pun intended here) our economy on a massive scale, and it is largely unrecognized.. and let’s face it ignored.

Hotels – Tourism and the Working Girl

If it wasn’t for working girls, half the rooms in hotels would be empty. Whether it is a working girl who is hiring the room to see a client, or a client is booking the room to see an escort the numbers would be astronomical around the globe. Take those numbers away, and hotels would be screaming they are quiet.  And then there is the gentlemen that are booking FMTY ( fly me to you) dates and flying ladies to their location. 9/10 they are spending time in luxury hotels. Chances are those rooms would be empty otherwise.

Sure you have business travellers, families travelling and solo travellers, but if you consider the number of ladies around the globe in the industry you will be surprised what a difference they make to hotel revenue. And still, you hear of ladies being asked to leave hotels because their image was stored in the security systems and flagged. The majority of ladies I know are very discreet in public places. Many that have been asked to leave have not drawn attention to themselves in any way.

Really, it’s a cheek, considering we have constributed in  significant ways to their revenues.

Airlines – Tourism and the Working Girl

I would hate to think how much ladies spend no not just hotels, but airlines tickets. Escorts are always touring, or travelling on FMTY ( fly me to you) dates. Without them, there would be a massive drop in airline revenue. I know what you’re thinking. No way, but consider the figures. 

It is estimated that worldwide there are 40 – 42 million prostitutes. ( I hate that word, but yeah let’s use it)

Please get your head around that number. 42 million.

Sure, not all of them tour and not all of them are high end travelling on fly me to you requests.  Imagine if only 10% of those were.

That is 4.2 million. Consider that those ladies travel frequently, on tour and fly me to you requests. Now you do the numbers. Not so far fetched now is it?

When you take into account restaurants, michelin star ones and not so exclusive ones, dinner dates, overnight dates, travel dates and FMTY dates, we do contribute to a massive stimulus to the global economy.

Not to mention shopping trips clients take us on… 

My point is, we do contribute in a significant way. So all these businesses that often turn their noses up at us should consider what we bring to their revenue table though the course of our daily business.

Just saying! 

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