Eve Mae

Eve Mae

Eve Mae

Global VIP Luxury Travel Companion


Location –  Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Age – early 30’s

Place of Service –  Outcall

Hair –  Brown

Eyes – Blue

Body type – Slender, athletic 


Height –  1.78 

Weight –  61 kg

Hours of availability –   By arrangement in advance 


Hello gentlemen,

 We haven’t met yet, but I already feel like I know you.

You are adventurous. You crave excitement. Also, you seek seductive exploration, someone feminine, intellectual with beauty beyond words. You long for a girl that gets you excited from the moment you lay your eyes on her… and can’t look away. She grips your sight…and intensely sweeps you off your feet – all whilst making your heart race at the same time.

…you’re looking for me. 

With long legs, an infectious laugh, humour that will catch you off guard, bubbly personality and eyes that beg for both your touch and attention, I am eager to give you the affection, sensuality, and companionship that you deserve. It’s not untypical that most men fall for me. I am very down to earth what is intriguing and often unexpected. Expect the unexpected and come away with me to blissful moments of laughter, seduction and exploring one another. Communication is key, and since it’s that easy to talk to me you can go any way to meet your desires with me. I will give you the best girlfriend experience you will ever need in your life. Who needs a girlfriend when you can get my treatment of how a girlfriend should be, all the benefits without the negative aspects of an actual relationship. I am a businesswoman, I have big responsibilities in the business world. This is my way of expressing this passion and lust for excitement.. this is my big secret… our secret.

My lust for life and hyper charged sensuality is guaranteed to provide you with an experience you will never forget and full body shivers that will stay with you for days.

A sexual chameleon with luscious brown hair and mesmerizing blue-green eyes that mimic crashing ocean waves, I am ready to help you live out your most carnal fantasy or help you unleash erotic desires you didn’t know you had yet.  I am flexible in every way, and will bend, transform, and shift to create an experience that is uniquely catered to you and your desires.  

No matter how you want us to spend our time together, know that your secret is always safe with me.  Discretion and respect is paramount in my eyes, and everything that happens between us will stay between us – no exceptions.

Whether you’re looking for deep conversations with a highly intelligent and laidback humorous woman or a sexual goddess to cultivate all of your deepest fantasies with, I simply cannot wait to hold your hand, laugh with you, and take you to places you never thought possible.


2 hours – 800 Euro

4 hours – 1300 Euro 

6 hours – 1800 Euro

12 hours – 2200 Euro

24 hours – 3300 Euro

48 hours – 5000 Euro

For more fees, please visit my website 

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Private Independent Escort Eve Mae

Very limited tours, I prefer to travel via FMTY requests predominantly.

Contact Eve Mae - GlobalVIPLuxury.com

Eve Mae Escort
Contact Details

Telephone – +31647154586

Website –  www.eve-mae.com

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Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

Global VIP Luxury Travel Companion


Location –  Los Angeles, CA

Age – 44

Place of Service –  Both 

Hair –  Brunette

Eyes –  Blue

Body type – slim, athletic


Height –  5′ 6 

Weight – 2 dress size 

Hours of availability –  Contact for availability


Amy Taylor is a native Californian.  While spending nearly most of her life working as a published model, she also received her undergraduate degree in Berkeley, MBA in Los Angeles, and commercial pilot’s licenses in Arizona.  When she’s not found in front of the camera, she’s enjoying the sunny skies flying, keeping fit at her gym in Los Angeles, or at the beach playing with her dog.  Miss Taylor has been the cover of and inside many issues of Maxim, FHM, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, GQ, and others

Private Independent High End Companion with worldwide availability to meet.


Up to 3 hours – $2000

6 hours – $6000

1/2 day – $4500

1 day – $6000

Each additional or partial day – $2000

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Private High End Escort Amy Taylor
 Non Touring

Fly Me To You Worldwide

Los Angeles Escort Amy Taylor
Beverly Hills Escort Amy Taylor
escort Amy Taylor

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Contact Details

Phone – +1-754-816-1903

Website – AmyTaylor.com

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Gweneth Lee

Gweneth Lee

Gweneth Lee

Global VIP Luxury Travel Companion


Location –  Palm Desert, California USA

Age – 40’s

Place of Service – Incall preferred

Hair –  Brunette

Eyes – Brown

Body type – slender, well toned


Height –  5’7 

Weight – 56 kg (

Hours of availability –   7am – 7pm ( evenings by appointment in advance) 


Feminine, well traveled world citizen speaking English & Dutch

Currently, the USA is my primary residence now. 

Daily fitness and good nutrition are my norm.

Pretty dresses, Tom Ford perfume, Jimmy Choo’s, and Wolford stockings are my normal sense of style. 

My love language is quality time. Therefore, it’s what I seek when connecting.

Traveling business woman, therefore, while touring, pre-booked is more efficient to guarantee we can meet.

Buddhist so I’m actually quite easygoing, enjoy engaging conversation and sharing


Fees begin at :1 hour – $700

For extended dates, please contact me for further information.

Dont forget to mention you found me on GlobalVIPLuxury.com

Elite VIP Luxury Companion Palm Desert, California

Tours Coming Up

London – UK – 1- 3rd  and 11- 14th February

Copenhagen – 3- 5th and 8 -10th February

Touring Fees

£450/€550 1 hour

£600/€750 1.5 hours

£1200/€900 2 hours 
£1500/€1400 3 hours 
Palm Desert Escort
Gweneth Lee Escort - Palm Desert High Class Escort

Contact Mistress Lee - GlobalVIPLuxury.com

Contact Details

Phone – +1 6462659476

Website –  www.thedesertmanor.com

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Mila Doval

Mila Doval

Mila Doval

Global VIP Luxury Travel Companion


Location –  Vancouver, BC – Canada

Age – 52

Place of Service – Incall and Outcall

Hair –  Brunette

Eyes – Green

Body type – fit, curves


Height – 5’6

Weight –  slim

Hours of availability –  Sweet early mornings until luxurious late evenings


What happens when cultured maturity and genetically blessed physical youthfulness combine? 

Mila happens.

Tucked away on the beautiful west coast of Canada, I luxuriate awaiting your invitation to meet. 

Born and raised in Canada, with pure Slavic blood flowing through my veins, I have had the great privilege of a deeply cultural upbringing. The qualities of a being a generous host and gracious guest are firmly embedded in me and are qualities that I naturally extend to all the company I keep. I guess one could say I embody the perfect blend of Slavic hospitality and that famous Canadian friendliness. 

By nature I am an immensely passionate and curious sensualist. My time I spend on the west coast exploring nature, keeping my mind and body fit and dancing tango. I will be doing a deep dive into Japanese calligraphy come the new year. I am always eager to explore how my body responds to this world of texture, scent, sight, sound and the body of a lover. When traveling, I swoon much over architecture and art and love to eat, whether it is somewhere off the beaten track or where I need to know which fork goes with what dish, which I do. Musically I range from Arvo Part to Post Malone and can spend hours together listening to music, sipping something nice, sharing what we love about what we hear, what memories are evoked.

Maturity has brought many gifts to me, a deep stability of emotion and sense of self being one, no longer a need to prove myself being another.  Always a lover, I have used every encounter to develop myself as an attentive, responsive and playful creature, capable of going from elegant to feral in a heartbeat. And along the way, I have discovered both an exhibitionist and a voyeur in me. What maturity hasn’t cost me is curiosity or my body.

My preferred way to connect is one on one and I adore the company of men. Hearing about the experiences and secret dreams of a lover feels like a privilege to me. I thrive in great conversation, trying new things, deep belly laughs and long whispered sighs.

Fortunate to have traveled some I am eager to explore even more. I would love to set off on a journey with you of onsen bathing in the Japanese mountains, eating our way through the cultural fusion of Croatia or sleeping under a spectacular northern light show in Norway. The nostalgic romantic in me still has not thrown coins into the Trevi fountain or enjoyed Christmas in Austria. These are moments I would love to share. That said, I would be delighted to explore more of my own country or visit you in yours and see your world through your eyes.

I am best suited for a gentleman who embodies curiosity, generosity and chivalry. Let’s be honest, there is a delicious game that goes on between men and women and I most enjoy men who are eager to play it. From that, we both get not only the memories of adventure together but also the confirmation of ourselves as intimate beings, able to receive, able to share. 

Now, enough about me. I would love to hear about you. You are welcome to reach out via email  just be mindful, it is your first impression with me, treat it well.

Until we meet….xo


 1.5 hrs … 700 CAD
 2.5 hrs … 1100 CAD
 4 hrs dinner/lunch … 1700 CAD
 14 hrs … 4000 CAD
 24 hrs … 6000 CAD

48hrs…10,000  CAD

For dates of longer than 48 hrs, please email with the details of the date you envision including duration of time

Dont forget to mention you found me on GlobalVIPLuxury.com

High End Canadian Elite Luxury Companion Mila Doval

Non touring. Fly Me To You Only Arrangements

FMTY Escort Mila Doval
Global VIP Luxury Escort Directory - Mila

Contact Mila Doval - GlobalVIPLuxury.com

Contact Details

Website –  www.miladoval.com

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Serena Woods

Serena Woods

Serena Woods

Global VIP Luxury Travel Companion


Location –  Sydney, Australia

Age – 40

Place of Service – Incall and Outcall

Hair –  Blonde

Eyes – Hazel

Body type – slim


Height – 178 cm

Weight – 8-10 dress size 

Hours of availability –  Contact for availability


Hello gentlemen, thank you for stopping by my profile. My name is Serena Woods. based from Sydney, Australia, with global availability via Fly Me To you requests.

Tall, elegant and sexy, I cater for discerning gentlemen globally. I am able to meet you from NYC to London , from Singapore to Paris.  I love adventure, and love to meet worldwide of spellbinding trysts.

My overall look is stylish, sophisticated with a generous dash of sexy. With a wealth of life experience under my belt, I enjoy the company of the more discerning, older gentleman. In the right company, my wicked sense of humour comes to life.

I do enjoy dinner dates, and fly me to you dates worldwide. My passport is current, and I am ready to use it. Where shall we meet?

Singapore, London, Paris, Monaco or the Maldives?

Please get in touch with me to schedule a date to meet at a destination of your preference.

I look forward in meeting you soon!


Dinner Date – $2200

Overnight – $4400

24 hours – $6600

Weekend $9900

Dont forget to mention you found me on GlobalVIPLuxury.com

High End Companion Serena Woods - GlobalVIPLuxury.com
Tours – Ausralian

Melbourne – 2nd – 4th Feb

Newcastle 28th Fed – 4th March

Pre arrangement is essential 

fly me to you elite escort Serena Woods
Expensive International Escort Serena Woods

Contact Serena - GlobalVIPLuxury.com

Contact Details

Phone – +61 450 112 331

Website –  www.serenawoods.com.au

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